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City Green Cove Springs


Hisotry of the city Green Cove Springs:

The city’s name originates from the three physical characteristics.  “Green” refers to the perennially green vegetation characterized by its tree scape and foliage.  “Cove” refers to a bend in the St. Johns River creating a safe area for mooring of boats during inclement weather periods.  “Springs” refers to the natural spring (one of 600 in Florida), originating from the “Floridan Aquifer” with an estimated flow rate of approximately 2,200 gallons per minute.  The spring water flows into the west side of the municipal swimming pool and then flows out the east side forming a stream eventually emptying into the St. Johns River.

In 1854, “White Sulfur Springs” was the name of the first  development attempted by David Palmer and Sarah Ferris, in 1866 was  renamed “Green Cove Springs” including establishment of the first Post  Office, and later became the County Seat of Clay County in 1871.  On  November 2, 1874, the Town of Green Cove Springs officially  incorporated.  Live Oak harvesting was the major industry during this  period.
During the late 1880’s, the town experienced great prosperity as  evidenced by the large number and quality of hotels constructed near the  spring and surrounding area.  The medicinal qualities of the spring and  tropical climate of the area during the winter months made Green Cove  Springs a popular vacation destination.  Because of its prominence, it  earned recognition as “The Saratoga of the South”, “The Parlor City” and  “Watering Hole for the Rich”.  Tourists and visitors journeyed along  the St. Johns River from Jacksonville by Riverboats. Northern visitors enjoyed the warm climate of the community and the  medicinal qualities of the Spring during the winter months staying at  several hotels like “The Cherokee”, and The Clarendon”.  The accommodations of these hotels were  comparable to famous hotels in cities like Chicago, New York, and  Philadelphia.

Green Cove Springs is the birthplace of Charles E. Merrill (1885–1956), one of the founders of Merrill, Lynch & Company. The town's spring is described by his son James Merrill in the poem "Two From Florida", published in The Inner Room (1988).

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